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NOS Teletekst Technische Proefuitzending


NOS is the broadcaster in the Netherlands. Occasionally, due to enhanced tropospheric propagation, signals from the continent are received in the United Kingdom, and NOS is usually represented. These photographs were taken on the evening of 28 November 1979, and were the first DX (long distance) teletext signals resolved on the Forgestone colour receiver fitted with the Wireless World teletext decoder. Nederland 1 was received on channels E29, E39, E50 and a Band III channel, and Nederland 2 on E27, E32 and E54. The photos are all of Nederland 2.

NOS Teletekst entered official service on 1 April 1980, with only 700 known users in the Netherlands, plus at least one occasional in the UK.

Nowadays continental teletext transmissions use a slightly different character set for each language which provides for accented characters, but on these test transmissions NOS appear to have used the British set and ignored accents. As the WW decoder only had the standard characters, accented ones would have appeared as fractions and odd punctuation marks.

Nederland 2 Ident with Newsflash

NOS Teletekst Index

NOS Teletekst Grafische Moglijkheden

NOS Teletekst Studio Irene

NOS Teletekst Route Teletekst

The newsflash demonstration (p112) on the Nederland 2 ident caption shows that the teletext could be resolved on quite a noisy signal.

The double-height header row with its red and blue background were nothing to do with NOS - it was just the way I'd modified the decoder. I thought it looked quite snazzy at the time, but the clock eventually became 'burned in' on the screen in the same way that the apple in the corner of my computer screen has.

The decoder displayed continuously rotating page numbers, so the ones shown in these headers are just those that happened to be transmitted at the time of the photo, and don't relate to the displayed page. The index page is p100.

The church-like building is Studio Irene in Bussum near Hilversum, where the first tv programmes were staged (p114 in the index on p113 in the shot above), while p115 below shows the route that the teletext data took.

NOS Teletext front page (www) NOS TELETEKST is still transmitted and is also available on line. You can explore it by clicking on the page on the left. You will need to have both cookies and javascript enabled on your browser.

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