Pembers' Ponderings... off the air indefinitely.

Made with a Mac
by Alan Pemberton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Pembers' Pond

Why is Ponderings no longer available?

Having outgrown this cosy little Freeserve pond,

where he could be found snuggling into the mud since 1998, Pembers had recently hopped it to a larger one, which he has been summarily kicked out of by the predatory toads ruling there who say his visitors are making a nuisance of themselves churning up all the mud.

Pembers considers his visitors to be his own business, but he has tangled with these aggressive amphibians in the past and been mauled, so he is now hibernating in the comfort of the compost heap at the bottom of the garden where there are plentiful, juicy worms and woodlice and the pond life do not bother him.


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